Top 5 modern gadgets for newborns.

Hello my dear parents or future parents. Are you glad that you are living in the 21st Century?  I am absolutely  feel pleased and happy about it. As you probably know, parenting is not easy sometimes. Thanks, gadgets can really help us.

For those of you who want to get in on the high-tech nursery gadget bandwagon now, here are products list of my 5 favorites that I am using everyday: 

1. Safety first. If you want a peace of mind and doesn’t want to disturb your baby during naps buy a video monitor for your nursery. Yes, you need it. At the first I was not sure about it, cause we leave in apartment, but seriously, it’s a life saver. Put it in your baby shower gift list. We are using this monitor and it’s awesome

2. As a first time mom I  am checking my baby temperature every single day. Don’t judge me, I know it’s sounds crazy.  But with new Brown forehead thermometer it’s so easy. Just push the button, touch your baby head between the eyebrows and see results in couple of seconds. Check it out with description

3. Little tiny cute noses need some cleaning every day. Can you imagine putting anything huge, thick and long in your baby’s nasals? I couldn’t, and thanks for parent of 4 kids that gifted me an electronical “Graco Clear Nasal Aspirator”. My baby doesn’t scary of this gadget, it`s plays music and had a set of different sizes replacements tips. You can check and order yours here

4. When your baby arrives at her/his sweet home infant surrounded by millions of new sounds. Your baby need some soothing gadget that helps falling sleep easy. I believe you have heard about white noise benefits already. Babies have just come from  an incredibly loud womb. White noise helps to calm and de-stress baby, even those are are fussy or those with colic. My baby girl love it and we are using this one

5. Imagine your baby sleeping peacefully and your hands are free and ready to hold a cup of warm tea and cookie. Yes, it`s possible when you have a baby swing with awesome music and gentle rocking motions. The market is full of them nowadays. Different variety for any budget. Don’t overthink, just buy it. You can use it from first days of newborn life. Absolutely must have. We have this one and it’s cool


I hope my list is useful. Parents, share with me your favorite products in comments bellow this post.



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