My lovely mommies  around the world and their husbands, brothers, parents, sons and daughters. Sunday,  March 15th is just around the corner so it’s time to show your love with a special gift. Just because you are absolutely fabulous you deserve  best compliments, kisses, hugs, warm wishes and gifts…


Call your mommy today…

If you are looking for a  nice gift for the Mother’s Day, I have an idea that might suit your taste and maybe  your budget as well.


Finding  nice and unique pieces of jewellery that can be engraved with your special date, initials or message  is not easy. Especially it is hard to find a brand that is creative, beautiful, not overpriced,  has a superb craftsmanship (and designed in Europe as a bonus).

Allow me to introduce the world of Missoma. Famous British brand, Missoma has attracted a loyal and ever-growing fan-base in the UK as well as abroad,including prestigious department stores such as Harvey Nichols and Fortnum & Mason.

Today, Missoma is known for its 18ct gold vermeil jewellery and its use of bold colours and special hand faceted cuts. Although it specialises in gemstones, it has recently also branched out into diamond pave jewellery, with a more delicate and minimalist look that is centred around everyday luxury.


Missoma jewellery is available in either 18ct gold vermeil (18ct yellow gold micron plating on sterling silver) or sterling silver. All sterling silver is 925 nickel-free and rhodium plated. Micron plating has undergone a process of electrolysis which is the most durable form of plating. To be considered vermeil, the gold must be at least 2.5 micrometres thick.
Most of Missoma jewellery  engravable. Yes, there is a charge of £10 for initials (1-3 characters) and £15 for more than 4 characters. It takes additional 5 working days (excluding Saturdays) for your piece to be hand engraved.
Engrave your children’s initials, name or special date
Gemstones list that Missoma are using for  their jewellery:
  • Amethyst AMETHYST
  • Aqua Chalcedony AQUA CHALCEDONY
  • Blue chalcedony BLUE CHALCEDONY
  • Brazilian Pink Garnet BRAZILIAN PINK GARNET
  • Diamond DIAMOND
  • Labradorite LABRADORITE
  • Rainbow Moonstone RAINBOW MOONSTONE
  • Smokey quartz SMOKEY QUARTZ
  • Blue SapphireBLUE SAPPHIRE
  • Chrysoprase CHRYSOPRASE
  • Citrine CITRINE
  • Diamond DIAMOND
  • Grey Pearl  GREY PEARL
  • Iolite IOLITE
  • Labradorite  LABRADORITE
  • Lapis Lazuli LAPIS LAZULI
  • Lemon quartz LEMON QUARTZ
  • Mother of Pearl MOTHER OF PEARL
  • Multi Sapphire MULTI SAPPHIRE
  • Peridot PERIDOT
  • Pink Ruby PINK RUBY
  • Pink Tourmaline PINK TOURMALINE
  • Rainbow Moonstone RAINBOW MOONSTONE

Great gifts for those who recently became a mom. 




You can layer  your pendant with a birthstone as well

PRODUCT GUARANTEE POLICY. I want to mention that all Missoma pieces are guaranteed for 1 year. Missoma will repair, at no charge, any breakage caused by a manufacturer defect within 30 days of receipt of purchase.

RE-PLATING. Missoma guarantee the plating of all jewellery for a period of 12 months after the original purchase date. Should you need to re-plate your Missoma jewellery within this 12 month period we will re-plate it for you at no extra charge.

AWESOME TRICKS OF THE TRADE FOR METAL ALLERGIES THAT RECOMMENDED BY MISSOMA. If you are allergic to Gold plated earrings, or get a rash or itchy reaction when wearing them, try putting a little bit of clear nail varnish on the post and scroll. When it eventually wears off just re-apply it.

I wish you THE BEST  MOTHER’S DAY  ever!  Have fun and make a lot of memories with your family.

Follow the link to discover  Missoma world of jewellery with me Missoma Jewellery/Gifts for mommies





Photo of jewellery is courtesy of Missoma LTD

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas. Missoma Jewellery from London with LOVE.

One thought on “Mother’s Day Gift Ideas. Missoma Jewellery from London with LOVE.

  1. This jewellery is such a great idea for mother’s day. My daughter is mad on gemstones right now, so it is something she would love to buy me (I imagine) 🙂


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