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If you  are up to find a nice family movie or a new book for your child or yourself I found  nice  and FREE sources for you. Enjoy the list


Entertainment Magazine

All movies are free and in the public domain at Entertainment Magazine. Their website is easy to use and organized well. You can download cartoons like Bugs Bunny or get classic musicals like Royal Wedding with Fred Astaire. Try introducing your kids to Laurel & Hardy, The Three Stooges, or Charlie Chaplin. These comedies withstand the test of time and will have your kids rolling on the floor.

The Internet Archive

More free, classic movies are available on The Internet Archive, a non-profit organization working to create an online library of historical content in digital format. Click on the section of their site called “Moving Images” to find the movie selections. If you search by animation, you can find cartoons such as Betty Boop,Woody Woodpecker, Little Audry, Felix the Cat, and Popeye.

National Film Board

The National Film Board of Canada has over 2000 items available for free by using their iPad app, iPhone app, or Android app. These films can be stored for up to 48 hours for offline viewing. This is a great option for downloading films that your kids want to see on a plane trip or a car ride.

Downloading Is Easy

Most downloaded films require no special software beyond a video player, though some websites will specify what type of player you need. Two of the most popular video players are Quicktime and VLC, which are both free applications. After downloading a movie you can transfer it to MP3 players, cell phones or laptops. Movies for download often come in several different formats, so try various options until you find which is best for your computer, browser, and connection.





Free movies, cartoons and books download sites.

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