Hello my beloved readers!

My post might be helpful for those who want to improve English grammar.

Well, well, speaking about  language. I am an immigrant, I am fluently in Russian but English is my second language and it comes with million of questions how to use it properly everyday.  It’s challenging to come in new country, studying new language and especially running this blog. But I Love challenges, it’s making my life more interesting.

Speaking of English grammar. Have you ever heard about Mary Norris – Comma Queen? Let me to introduce her. Mary Norris is a grammar geek  has spent more than three decades guarding the New Yorker’s grand traditions of grammar and usage. For years Ms. Norris wrote in her spare time — a memoir, a novel and tried without success to find a publisher. But, after drawing acclaim for her posts about grammar and punctuation on The New Yorker’s website, she decided to write a book that would marry her life story to her life’s work. The name of the book “Between you and me”

“Along the way, the book addresses hyphens, commas, spelling, “that” and “which,” and many other things, including profanity in print. This exciting topic has historically caused considerable consternation not only at The New Yorker, which now allows even the sweariest of swear words, but also at The New York Times, which does not and so, sadly, cannot reproduce the chapter’s highly amusing title.” New York Times

She  writes about the proper use of punctuation while throwing in some fascinating historical facts. For example, the comma was invented in 1490. Also, we can thank Noah Webster for Americanizing certain British spellings, such as colour to color and theatre to theater. Ms. Norris writes clearly and interestingly about English language and punctuation, using good examples, drawing on a rich background without providing just a boring lecture. In summary, this is a book for anyone who has an interest in good writing and what makes good.

I am ready to buy this book and discover new world of English grammar. I have never been considered myself as   “grammar nazi” but more knowledge is always bonus.  NorrisBetween-1024x723




You need this book in your life. Comma Queen’s guide for grammatically insecure.

7 thoughts on “You need this book in your life. Comma Queen’s guide for grammatically insecure.

  1. I am awful and tend to always notice the lack of proper grammar and punctuation use when I am reading. I bet the book is great for those whose first language isn’t English as it is quite a complex language


  2. I’m a very sloppy writer but I think it’s down to the fact that I have a proofreader in my writing job so I know that I can just concentrate on getting the words out there and she will correct any grammatical mistakes. I could probably do with purchasing the book!


  3. I’m such a lazy writer when I’m in a rush, however when I want to I take the time to look out for spellings, punctuation however is not a strong point.


  4. Your English seems fantastic to me, well done on becoming so fluent in a second language. I am a bit of a stickler for grammar so this sounds like a great book for learning more about the tricky parts of our language.


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