A body free from nervous tension and fatigue is the ideal shelter provided by nature for housing a well balanced mind, fully capable of successfully meeting all the complex problems of modern living.

Joseph H. Pilates


Hello my beloved readers. As a mom, wife and simply women sometimes we really need an inspiration to take actions, especially when it comes to  a fitness and sport activities. I would like to be honest with you, I was very lazy for the last 3 months after I gave a birth to my child. I was strolling around many miles every single day, but was not working out constantly.

For  a sport routine I really like pilates on reformer.  Before pregnancy I was working out at “Core Studio”  in Palo Alto. I like pilates and it’s one of the best exercises for me. When I received an invitation to amazing pilates studio “Reform U”  in Walnut Creek with private instructor I was so excited.  I came to check it and try out a session with my baby girl. I was thrilled away when I saw a studio. Can you imagine a beautiful California landscape, covered with fresh spring grass on a heels, old trees, wildflowers? Birds are tweeting around and squirrels jumping on branches. It look like perfect vacation house, beautifully setted up in the forest.

The owner of the pilates studio is Natalia.She was passion about fitness and healthy lifestyle for many years and decided to be a pilates instructor to help people be more fitted, flexible and healthy. Natalia is very professional and knowledgeable. Her approach to the teaching is very personal. She would like to know your goals, listening and explaining each exercise, correcting your body alignment , making sure that you are doing everything properly and safe for yourself.


When I was welcoming to the pilates studio I felt amazing. The studio itself is very clean and pleasant to work out in, surrounded with large windows allowing light and air inside. You will find all the essentials for your session.

At the beginning of my private session Natalia asked me how my body feels and adjusted the session to fit my needs. She was very patient. I can see a difference in my body in many ways from the exercises: less back pain, more flexibility, no slouching.

Natalia wrote me a personal  pilates routine plan for Floor Mat and  for Reformer. I would be following this plan to make my body more healthy and my muscles more flexible and fit. My personal program would be targeting the most weak muscles of my body. My personal instructor advised me not dieting, just follow healthy lifestyle routine and drink plenty of water. I guess it’s a good class to take on a non-cardio day. Natalia pretty strict about knowing proper technique for movements. The private Reformer sessions are customized to your body so it is nearly impossible not to see and feel the results.  I’m hooked!

The studio  is large enough and feels private and intimate.  It`s equipped very well and organized.

My baby Stephanie was working out too. It’s fun and easy  way to interact and exercise  your child . I’m looking forward to my next class already.


You can ask Natalia about private pilates sessions. She absolutely likes to work with a beginners and introduce them to the world of pilates. 

Contact “Reform U Pilates Studio” in Walnut Creek, California.

E-mail: reformustudio@gmail.com


Have a pretty fitted and healthy bodies.


My ideal pilates studio in Walnut Creek.

2 thoughts on “My ideal pilates studio in Walnut Creek.

  1. This is an AMAZING location!! You are blessed!
    And I’m sure you were not being lazy 3 months after giving birth. Simply recovering. Your body just made a human being!! It takes some time to get energy back from that.
    Thank you for sharing this amazing studio! I am in Las Vegas; if I do get out to Palo Alto, I will for sure check this place out!!


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